Assst/Prof. Hannes Rall has been a faculty member of the School of Art, Design and Media at Singapore´s Nanyang Technological University since its inception in 2005.
He has contributed substantially to the curriculum development in the areas of Foundation Drawing and Digital Animation. These contributions helped to shape the Digital Animation department from the ground up.

Hannes Rall has defined outlines and written syllabi for the following courses:

- Drawing Foundation
- Figure Drawing Workshop
- Principles of Animation
- 2D Animation Workshop
- Special Topic: Olympic Character Design
- Animation History
- Animation Development and Preproduction
- Final Year Project

You will find a selection of the best student works from these classes, as well as
short video of Hannes teaching “Principles of Animation” here.

Despite the short history of the school, his students work has been selected for a multitude of prestigious festivals and won awards. Students from his 2D Animation Workshop have gone on to repeatedly take the top awards in the “Safety @ Work” competition, organized by the Ministry of Manpower and ST Engineering in Singapore.

Teaching philosophy:
“I believe in a strong foundation in traditional arts and the principles of animation before using state of the art digital tools to accomplish a unique artistic vision. The computer will not help to define such a vision-it is rather a very useful helper to accomplish the concept, the artist has already formed in his mind.

I also do believe in a strong interdisciplinary approach, as the fields of animation, character design, illustration and interactive media are constantly evolving and influencing each other.

For me, the value and importance of work created in traditional media remains - while the most appealing work in the field is now often created by mixing the traditional and the new digital media in most interesting ways.

At the end of the day it is never the tool that matters to me, but the originality of the artistic concept and the skill level of its execution .”

Through his excellent connections in the international animation community Hannes Rall has enabled, organized and supervised workshops with top artists, eg with Academy Award winner VFX Volker Engel and Annie Award winner Hans Bacher.

He continues to foster and facilitate relations with local and international industry leaders, artists and conferences like Lucas Animation, Ubisoft, FMX, the International Animation Film Festival Stuttgart, Singapore International Film Festival and others.

Additionally, he initiated and organized student and faculty exchange agreements, eg with the Stuttgart Media University. He has become an expert in the comparability of tertiary education on a global scale through constant practice in the field.

As an internationally respected expert in animation, character design and animation history he has conducted 15 workshops worldwide for renowned universities, museums and governmental organisations.

Hannes Rall has also provided additional service to the university in assuming the role as coordinator for the digital Animation department for 1 year.
In that function, he has planned budgets, recruited and organized the schedules of part time lecturers and planned for the development of the department in close cooperation with the lead management of the school.