BLOW Festival, College of Creative Arts, Massey University, Wellington New Zealand, November 2008

Hannes was talking about the specific challenges of tranforming the written word into
a compelling visual narrative. In an entertaining presentation examples of his films
"The Raven" and "The Erl-King" were used to illustrate this.

The presentation also included a world exclusive sneak peek on the work in progress of his latest project: „The Cold Heart“ - the 25 minute animated short-adapted from the epic fairy-tale by the famous 19th century German novelist Wilhelm Hauff.

Presented in the form of a story reel, the work in progress was appreciated highly by the audience, as the appeal of the expressive animation roughs was widely praised.

The trip to New Zealand also included an introduction to a local studio, pioneering an impressively innovative approach to creating animated comics from still images.

Thanks to Gray Hodgkinson from the College of Creative Art, Massey University Wellington for bringing me out!