25.-27.06.2008 Invited animation workshop at FINAS (Malaysian Film Institute),
Kuala Lumpur

FINAS is Malaysia´s governmental institution to liaise with and promote the national
film industry. Over the course of three days Hannes Rall was giving an introduction
into the principles of animation and character design.
Profound analysis and demonstration of current tendencies in German animation was
also provided.
The participants from all realms of the Malay film industries were also advised on 
samples of their work, presented in class.

The course was focusing on the principles of animation as well the design concepts
used for successful visual storytelling and staging. A particular interest was taken by
the students in the approaches for the creation of appealing character designs.

A follow up master class with FINAS will take place in April 2009. This class will take
the concepts introduced one step further and build on the knowledge acquired in the
first class,while still remaing accessible to new students.

Thanks go to Maimunah from FINAS, Dr. Volker Wolf /Goethe Institute Kuala Lumpur
and Hassan Muthalib.