2005 5 day Workshop at the Goethe Institute Damascus, Syria on the “Principles
of Animation”

The first workshops of a series Hannes Rall conducted in conjunction with the exhibition "Animated Films from Germany" - 5 days in February 2005 at the Goethe Institute in Damascus.
Almost 40 animation professionals, artists from all fields and animation enthusiasts
gathered to listen to Hannes Rall lectures about the current trends in independent
German animation and their context in animation history and German culture.

The Analysis of the animation techniques used was accompanied by practical exercises.
It was overwhelming to experience the enthusiasm for the subject by the mainly young
artists from Syria, bridging any cultural differences easily: Animation is a truly global

It was also surprising to find a quite respectable animation industry in places in Damascus working on all kinds of animation productions, mainly for TV broadcast in partner Arabic countries. As very often in oriental countries,  the heartwarming hospitality and fascinating flair of the location contributed to a unique experience.

My deep thanks go to Manfred Ewel, director of the Goethe Institute Damascus at the time. And, of course, to the ever trusted and excellent support by Carola Bodenmüller from the Institute of Foreign Cultural Relations in Stuttgart.