A collection of articles about Hannes Rall
Artikel aus dem "Schwäbischen Tagblatt", 05.06.2008
Lotte Reiniger Workshop
Artikel aus dem "Schwäbischen Tagblatt", 09.06.2008
Lotte Reiniger Workshop
Interview mit Hannes Rall, geführt von Burkhard Ihme
ICOM-Comic-Jahrbuch 2007
Interview mit Hannes Rall aus "Videoaktiv Digital"
Excerpt from the TV-Special "Schätze des Landes:
Lotte Reiniger im Tübinger Stadtmuseum" Broadcast
by SWR-Fernsehen on 31.01.2009, 21.50-22.20
SWR is a part of Germany´s most widely seen public
TV-network "ARD". The 30 minute feature was shown during prime time.
Hannes elaborates on the relevance of Lotte Reiniger for contemporary animation in general and about her influence on his own work.
The voice over commentary ranks Hannes work highly, as a continuation and expansion of Lotte Reiniger´s groundbreaking animation work.
Hannes Rall interview and film clip from the "Erl-King":
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Author: Frank Rother
8 minute feature about Hannes Rall and his work in the program ”ARTS 21-The Cultural Magazine“, Deutsche Welle TV
”Hannes Rall from Tübingen takes classic works by the likes of Goethe and Edgar Allan Poe and turns them into hand-drawn cartoons. His award-winning expressionist films are now seen as classics in their own right. But these days, he‘s spending less time drawing and more time teaching students in Singapore about the art of cartoons. ARTS.21 visits Rall in his second home.
Between Sagas and Singapore:
A German Artist and his Second Home
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