2007 1 day workshop at the Singapore National Museum on the
“Secrets of Drawn Animation”

A guided tour through the exhibition "Animated Films from Germany" was introducing the 25 participants, all artists from animation and related fields, to the art form. After that a comprehensive one day "crash course"  in a very hands own approach allowed them to test their own animation skills through drawn animation exercises. Immediate line-testing was enabled by our friends from ANIMAGINE and their fabulously user friendly software.

After a hard day´s work , everybody was greeting the results happily, as characters started to move across screen - a very immediate outcome of the lecture given on the principles of movement and walk cycles just a few hours earlier.

Very helpful (and substantial) support has been provided by the Goethe Institute Singapore: Dr. Ulrich Nowak and Moh Siew Lan, and the Singapore National Museum: Zhang Wenjie.