6.6.2008 Invited animation workshop Stadtmuseum Tübingen (Germany)

The Stadtmuseum Tübingen is home to Germany´s major exhibtion on the famous animation pioneer Lotte Reiniger, which was newly opened in 2008 as a beautifully designed multi media event, which does her legacy full justice.

Lotte Reiniger is a world wide celebrity, known for the intricate beauty of the silhouette designs in her animated movies. These were created in a stop motion technique, using paper cut outs. She is also credited as the creator of the first ever animated feature film „The Adventures of Prince Achmed“ (1926)

Hannes Rall has been widely recognised as an artist, who continues the artistic tradition of Lotte Reiniger, while adding distinct touches of his own to create an innovative and genuinely German design in his animation.

For that reason, he was invited to present a workshop, in which he was using the reconstruction of Lotte Reiniger´s original animation desk and camera to demonstrate her animation technique.
It was a very entertaining and successful event, which attracted the attention of aspiring animators of all ages. (Some very young talent was also discovered in the process, much to the delight of the parents).

German television (SWR) has produced a half hour feature on the exhibition and Lotte Reiniger, which includes an interview with Hannes Rall:
He elaborates on the ongoing relevance of Lotte Reiniger for the current generation of animators. The feature also shows excerpts from Hannes own films and he explains how he was influenced by the grande dame of German animation.

The feature was broadcast on January 31st, 2009 as part of the series „Schätze des Landes“ in the SWR program.
Click for an excerpt from the program.